An asteroids-inspired game developed during BRGD 2021 Fall Session.

Wander space in search of different hosts, take them over, and prolong your life. Their strengths are yours, but your presence also corrodes your host. Override and survive.

Zaineb Aljumayaat - art
Salvador Brandi - programming, design
Lucas Chan - sound
Aiden Chen - art, sound
Zack Cheng - programming, design
Lucien Cravens - programming
Yangchuan (Victor) Deng - art, design
Jeremy Fleming - sound
Austin Funk - programming
Rhea Goyal - programming, design, sound
Angelo Jeon - programming, art
Mehak Jethani - programming
Legoliomanikas - art
Cindy Li - producer, art
Chris Luke - producer, programming
Emily Mao - art
Austin Miles - programming, design
Michelle Tan - art
Thuleanx - programming, art, sound
Jade Yoo - design

Please leave feedback in the comments below!


[Mac] 45 MB
[Window] 35 MB


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This is the right short arcade game I was searching for, Great Keep it up!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.


Really cool game!